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There are many reasons to study Spanish, but one of the most important ones at the present time is that the global marketplace is becoming bigger and, as a result, the need for speakers of languages other than English (particularly as translators or interpreters) is increasing. Currently, U.S. federal statistics indicate that more than 31,000 individuals work as translators or interpreters in schools, health care, courts, airlines, and telecommunications. Further, due to the expansion of global commerce, the industry is expected to increase 26 percent in the next eight years!

The knowledge of Spanish for those seeking employment in our region is critical for the fields of teaching, journalism, publishing, advertising, writing, business, law, law enforcement, government, health services, as well as other career opportunities. Even a basic knowledge of Spanish at the SPAN 103 level may increase the probability of employment for these and other fields.

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The B.A. in Spanish is offered in four different tracks:

  • Hispanic Literature, Language and Civilization (Teaching) Track
  • Hispanic Cultural Studies Track
  • Business Track
  • Communication Studies

The Liberal Studies degree, for those prospective teachers of elementary children K-6, can be enhanced by taking the Spanish Studies Emphasis. This track allows the student to teach in both English and bilingual classrooms.

The minor in Spanish, which can be combined with any non-Spanish major, gives the student additional experience in Hispanic culture, literature and linguistics. A double major of Spanish and another subject is also an option.

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Coordinator: Dr. Kareen Gervasi



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