The Department of World Languages & Literatures offers a wide variety of courses in the world languages, including American Sign Language, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. Master's degree is available in Spanish; Bachelor's degrees are available in Arabic, French, and Spanish; minors are available in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, as well as Asian Studies and Latin American Studies.

Our classes will teach you to understand, speak, read and write the language you are studying. Our courses promote an understanding of world civilizations and an appreciation of their literatures. This background will prepare you for jobs in a variety of professions such as international trade, librarian, interpreter, translator, foreign service officer, foreign trade specialist, diplomacy, intelligence, teaching and law enforcement.

Study of another language truly places the world in your hands: you will be prepared to meet and work with people from other cultures. With the advancement of technology and the global marketplace, study of another language enhances job opportunities for everyone. Be prepared for the world of tomorrow by studying another language today.

Student News

Portrait of Carrera Allred with President  Tomás D. Morales

Carrera Allred, completing a B.A. in Arabic and a B.A. in Communication, was honored as the Outstanding Student for the College of Arts and Letters in June 2015.

Faculty News

Dr. Dany Doueiri awarded Faculty of the Year Award. Photo: Robert A. Whitehead/CSUSB

Dr. Dany Doueiri received the Faculty of the Year Award for Advising by the California State Student Association and the Golden Apple Teaching Excellence Award.