M.A. in Spanish

Welcome to the Spanish Masters Program at CSUSB and the Department of World Languages and Literatures! Courses offered in the Spanish M.A. provide intensive study of Spanish and Spanish American literature and civilization, as well as Spanish linguistics.

Our program is designed for those students seeking to enhance their skills at the secondary or community college level, as well as those students who desire to continue their studies for an advanced degree. The Spanish M.A. consists of 45 quarter units. Currently, we offer only one option: Hispanic Literature, Linguistics, and Civilization.

Students will take 44 units and a one unit comprehensive exam based on the core courses and a reading list. The Spanish M.A. may be completed in two years.

Information for Prospective Students

Information for Current Students


Comprehensive Exams

Advancement to Candidacy Interview

Students pursuing the Spanish M.A. should, before completing 20 quarter units toward the degree, prepare and file a document called “An Approved Graduate Program” with the Coordinator, Spanish Masters Program. It is recommended that you make an appointment with the coordinator before the end of the winter quarter to complete this document. This process, referred to as the Advancement to Candidacy, is required before a Graduation Check is submitted.

Advancement to Candidacy Program Plan - Literature Form [doc]

Advancement to Candidacy Program Plan - Linguistics Form [doc]

Additional Information for Continuing Students

1. Masters candidates must be continuously registered. If a student plans to be absent for a quarter, a leave of absence application must be filled out (available in Graduate Studies, AD 127).

2. Students who have completed all coursework in the Spanish Masters Program must maintain continuous registration prior to passing the Spanish Masters Exam, by enrolling in Spanish 698. Failure to enroll in Span 698 will be dismissal from the program. This is a university requirement.

3. Students may participate in the University commencement ceremony only after passing the Spanish Masters Exam.

Information for Students interested in the Teaching Assistant Program

About the TA Program

For more information about the TA Program, please contact Dr. Gervasi at kgervasi@csusb.edu.

The TA Program gives qualified graduate students in Spanish the opportunity to teach one or more sections of Span 101, Span 102, or Span 103 in Fall 2017, Winter 2018 and Spring 2018. As part of this program, TAs are actively mentored and supported and must enroll in Span 696 in Fall 2017 (failure to do so, automatically disqualifies you from teaching in a later quarter during the same school year).

If Span 696 has already been taken and passed, there is no need to retake it.

These are paid positions subject to collective bargaining.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Must be enrolled in good standing as a graduate student in the Spanish Masters Program (minimum GPA of 3.0)
  2. Must have completed a minimum of three quarters of graduate coursework in the Spanish Masters Program prior to teaching appointment (i.e. the quarter in which you teach)
  3. Must have successfully completed one of the following prerequisites prior to teaching appointment:
    1. Span 615 Second Language Acquisition with the teaching option. Those  students that will take Span 615 in the Fall quarter of 2016 may apply for a TA position in the Winter and/or Spring 2017.
    2. Span 575 Internship in Service Learning (“shadowing” for one quarter with faculty in a first-year Spanish language class). “Shadowing” = students visit at least 60% of meetings in a Spanish first-year language class and teach 1-2 meetings, as well as assist faculty in class preparation and assessment
  4. Must maintain academic eligibility throughout employment period (enrolled, with GPA of 3.0 or higher). If class work for Graduate classes has been completed, students must enroll in Continuous Enrollment in order to conserve their status as Graduate students while teaching as a Teaching Assistants in our Department.
  5. Must be available to teach course at assigned time (MWF or TR mornings or afternoons) and to attend weekly Span 696 class in the Fall of 2017, if this class has not been previously taken and passed.
  6. Must be available to meet regularly with Professor Kareen Gervasi in her office hours, in order to receive feedback on their progress while teaching.
  7. Must attend pre-employment course planning and information sessions
  8. Must accept responsibility and have the ability to relate well to others within the academic environment and the ability to instruct and evaluate students

How To Apply

Applications Due By 4pm, Monday, May 1st, 2017 in Professor Gervasi’s mailbox (UH-314)
  1. Letter of Application stating how you meet the pre-requisites, describing previous teaching and/or tutoring positions, if any, and describing how you will benefit from this teaching experience (1-2 pages single-spaced, 12pt, 1 inch margin, written in Spanish)
  2. MyCoyote printout as evidence for GPA and completed coursework
  3. Outline for 15-20 minute Mini-Lesson on any Spanish grammar topic to be taught in a first-year Spanish language class
  4. Indicate for which quarter you are applying (you may indicate first choice and second choice).
  5. Those who have held TA positions in the past are also welcome to apply.

    Important: Notify Dr. Gervasi via email (kgervasi@csusb.edu) once you have submitted your application materials.


Coordinator: Dr. Correa



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