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The word Spring in various languages.

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The Multimedia Language Center for the Department of World Languages & Literatures provides resources to students studying world languages.

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Download the MMLC Orientation Handout for useful tips, how to type accents, etc.

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Blackboard: If you are looking for your course on Blackboard, please visit CSUSB Blackboard.

Moodle: If you are looking for your course on Moodle, please visit CSUSB Moodle. French students, the French Program hosts a dedicated server where numerous courses are found.

MMLC Hours

Hours are tentative, as professors may require the use of one or more areas of the MMLC for either testing, class instruction, presentations, workshops, or other events. Calendars stating which days and times the rooms are reserved are posted inside the respective rooms. Please read all postings carefully so you can plan ahead for such closures. You may also view the room reservation calendar online.

  • Monday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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  • Saturday 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

During Finals week, the MMLC closes on Thursday at 5pm and Friday at noon. It is closed on the Saturday after finals.

*Note: The MMLC is closed for observed holidays. Please check the CSUSB Academic Scheduling Calendar for details.

Tutoring Hours

Tutors for Arabic, French, Japanese, and Spanish are available. Their hours are posted in the MMLC. Please stop by UH-007 or call 909-537-5848 for details.

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Linguafolio Information

Upper Division courses use Linguafolio as your online portfolio. Check with your instructor for more information. Links to guides from Linguafolio's website are listed below. They are also available on the Welcome screen when you log in.

Your login information will be emailed to you approximately two weeks after the quarter begins. Once you receive your information, you can log in at the Linguafolio website.

"LinguaFolio Online shows the world what you can do with language. The LinguaFolio Online is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language at school or outside of school can record and reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences. It is a tool that should accompany language learning throughout life and is suitable for documenting language abilities for various uses." -Linguafolio

Note: If you were previously using iCAN in your classes, the files you uploaded have been backed up. If you need any of your files in order to transfer them to Linguafolio, please contact Alysha Timmons.

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American Sign Language



  • FREE MOVIES on Vore
  • Digital Dialects - Games and activities to learn Chinese -
  • Confucius Institute at Wayne State University - Two-minute videos called "Learn a Chinese Phrase" that will help students increase their vocabulary and enhance their ability to generate new sentences in Chinese. Over 50 videos are currently available. Youtube channel can be found at: Youku channel is at:
  • FREE Online Movies - The Vore Chinese provides lists of free movies to watch online that have English subtitles.
  • The film, To Live, banned in China, can be found in its entirety on YouTube with English subtitles.











  • FREE SPANISH Movies on Vore - Select from Spanish and Mexican.
  • GLOSS (Global Language Online Support System) - Listening activities by language and level (with questions and feedback) -


  • Writing Skills - How to use Google Translate to improve your writing skills(Word document)