Acto Latino Theater Group

Acto Latino Theater Group was founded for the purpose of fostering interest in Hispanic/Latino language, culture, and literature through the presentation of Spanish-language plays to a diverse audience.  Acto Latino encourages students, staff, faculty, and members of the community-at-large (regardless of background) to join the club. Interest in Hispanic/Latino culture, literature, language, and/or Spanish theater is the only requirement.


Upcoming Events:

El soldada razo y El cruce de los sueños

El soldado razo El cruce de los sueñosSoldado razo is an adaptation of the original play by Luis Valdez.

El cruce de los sueños (Crossing of the Dreams) is an original piece created from the real immigration experiences of the Acto Latino students and relatives.

Thursday, April 13 at 6:30pm SMSU Theater

Note: Tickets are sold out for the March 10 show.

Open to all students. Students in need of special accommodations, please call 909-537-5238.

Brought to you by Acto Latino and the Los Amigos Spanish Club.

Past Events:

Dia Latino

President Morales and Department Chair, Dr. Tom Davis, joined in the celebration of Dia Latino in February 2017. Collaborating with the club Los Amigos, Acto Latino created an afternoon full of culture. Activities included music, games, food, and more.

President Morales at Dia LatinoDr. Davis at Dia Latino

Pedro Cuba Theatre Workshop

Pedro A. Franco Albuquerque is a renown actor, director and playwright from the Cuban National Arts School. He held a theater workshop on February 23, 2017.

Pedro Albuquerque giving a theater workshop

Dia de los muertos

Dia de los muertos was celebrated in November 2017 by the Los Amigos and Acto Latino clubs.

Acto Latino at Dia de los muertos in 2016.

Photos from Past Plays

Scene from the performance of La Quinta TemporadaScene from the performance of Los Vendidos


Dr. Bibiana Diaz

(909) 537-3670