Los Amigos Spanish Club

Los Amigos Spanish Club is a student run organization that provides all CSUSB students with a common interest in Spanish Language and Culture. We are dedicated to furthering the student’s understanding of Hispanic and Latin American cultures through various activities on campus.

Los Amigos at Dia de los muertos in 2016.

By joining Los Amigos Spanish Club students will:

  • Celebrate Hispanic Culture all year through different events such as “Day of the Dead”, “Día Latino” and “Cinco de Mayo” not to mention many other activities in which we collaborate with other CSUSB organizations.
  • In the Spanish Club students will be able to practice the Spanish language and meet many friends! 
  • Everyone is welcome to join Los Amigos Spanish Club!  

Los amigos Spanish club logo

Los Amigos Table at Dia de los muertos in 2016.



Dr. Maria Garcia-Puente


(909) 537-7701